Mission Statement

ptsdCanaan Corporation is a faith based, charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to help people who have suffered or are suffering from some form of Trauma in their lives.

The primary work of the center is to help people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, however we will work with any personal and family issue you may have. We offer special experience in several areas as listed on our services page.  The center is staffed with professionally trained and qualified psychotherapists who understand and minister to this population. Some of the population serviced are: adults abused as children, adults and children suffering from domestic violence, war veterans and their families.

The center's main goal is to assist clients to obtain or regain a level of functioning that contributes to self and society.  The center primarily provides professional counseling and psycho-educational services within a Biblical-world view to people who cannot afford counseling or can only pay a reduced fee.  When funds become available, the center will provide housing assistance, food, clothing transportation and job placement assistance to those qualified recipients. 

All clients are screened for qualification by the center, agree to and sign a treatment plan to ensure success.